Make Learning about Finances Fun this April at the BFK

Make Learning about Finances Fun this April at the BFK

April is Financial Literacy Month at the Building for Kids Children’s Museum! The BFK is highlighting the importance of fostering financially literate children all month long through virtual programming, a take-home family activity kit, and a socially-distant, in-person small group program.

“Financial Literacy Month is a great opportunity to open a discussion about money with kids in fun, interactive, and accessible ways,” said Oliver Zornow, executive director of the BFK.  “From a young age, children are able to understand basic money concepts, and by providing them with opportunities to learn and practice, we can help set them up for future financial success.”

The BFK’s Financial Literacy Kit contains the instructions and materials for four hands-on family activities, including learning how to identify coins, building a restaurant while staying under budget, making and selling pizzas, and creating a plan for sharing and saving money.

Learn more or register for a Financial Literacy Kit here!

The BFK will also be offering a small group program throughout the month where families can sit in on a reading of “Count on Pablo” by Barbara deRubertis and learn about how Pablo and his grandmother sell vegetables at the market. Families will also be able to practice counting and create their own artwork based off the book. 

Learn more or register for a Count on Pablo program here!

Additionally, the BFK will provide virtual programming throughout the month with special guests from the Thrivent Member Network East WI & Upper MI Region to discuss what money is and how to earn, spend, share, and save it.

Upcoming Virtual Programs:

  • Tuesday, April 6 at 2 pm: What is money?
  • Tuesday, April 13 at 2 pm: How do you earn money?
  • Tuesday, April 20 at 2 pm: How do you spend money?
  • Tuesday, April 27 at 2 pm: How do you save or share money?

All of our virtual programs premier on our Facebook page.

“Developing a healthy relationship with money is a lifelong journey. Starting early can help kids practice smart money habits and think about their future goals,” said Sarah Tomczyk, Engagement Specialist for the Thrivent Member Network East WI  & Upper MI Region. “The Thrivent Member Network East WI and Upper MI Region is excited to collaborate with the Building for Kids to provide learning opportunities within the community during Financial Literacy Month.”

Financial Literacy Month is presented in collaboration with Thrivent Member Network East WI & Upper MI Region.

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