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Our interactive exhibits inspire, teach and reinforce curiosity.

1st Floor – Kid’s Town & Innovation Lab


Come fly in a jet. See what it would be like to be a pilot, or in the control tower. Travel the world right from the BFK!

Big Rig Depot

Ready to drive the big rig? Sponsored by Schneider, this exhibit lets you check the engine and hit the open road.

Fox Communities Credit Union’s Littlest Branch

Fox Communities Credit Union’s Littlest Branch sponsored by Fox Communities Credit Union – Be a teller, make transactions, and go through the drive-thru as you learn about money and the importance of saving.

Innovation Lab

Ready for hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)? The Lab is filled with ways to explore, test and learn! Each week we will have different challenges and programs.

Activities are included with admission or BFK Membership. Kids need to have an adult with them, but adults are encouraged to explore too!

BFK Convenience Store

Fill up on gas and grab a snack at this kid-sized convenience store.

ThedaCare Physicians Doll Hospital

Our baby doll hospital, sponsored by ThedaCare, lets doctors and nurses give very important patients check-ups!

2nd Floor

Clubhouse Sports – Open Now!

Practice your free throw or test out our golf-ball physics playground with this sports-themed exhibit.

The Amazing Heart Slide

Check out a 10-foot human heart. Climb in and slide down ventricles and arteries.

Babies & Toddlers Around the World

Sponsored by Huggies & Pull-Ups, Young adventurers (ages 0-3) will love this trip around the world! From the mountain slide to the sand dunes, there is something for everyone to discover.

Construction Junction

Construction Junction is sponsored by The Boldt Company.  Operate the crane to move the construction blocks. After building you can recycle the blocks and use the bobcat to gather them back to the pit! Then check out the different construction vehicles in the Big Dig.

da Vinci Studio

da Vinci Studio is sponsored by School Specialty. Just like Leonardo da Vinci, we encourage curiosity! Stop by da Vinci and do an activity or explore your creativity at an easel. Activities are always changing – so every visit will be different!

Activities are included with admission or BFK Membership. Kids need to have an adult with them, but adults are encouraged to be curious too!

Discovery Tree

Discovery Tree sponsored by John J. & Ethel D. Keller Fund within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region. This tree was created by artist Bennett Abrams and has five tree forts, nets to climb through, and lots of friends hanging around!

Move It

Physics, engineering and air pressure come together in what would likely be Newton’s favorite exhibit. Use levers, pulleys and ramps to change air flow and the path of bright balls shooting through clear tubes in this simple machines exhibit sponsored by AZCO Inc.

Pierce Fire Truck

Pierce Fire Truck sponsored by Pierce Manufacturing – Time to save the day! Wear firefighters’ gear as you drive the truck, get out the hose and make sure everyone is safe.


Build a large lego wall, make a meal or check out other interactives.

Thrivent Water Gallery

Our Water Gallery has a vortex, boat building stations, fog mushroom and more! Sponsored by Thrivent, a provider of mutual funds.

And did we mention our animal friends?

We also have a handful of friends that are always at the BFK. These include a small flock of birds on the first floor, freshwater fish by the Big Rig Depot, and saltwater fish by the Water Gallery.

Being Safe & Healthy

We love curious kids, but we also love safe and healthy kids. Throughout the day we keep an eye out for safety hazards. The BFK is inspected by a nationally-certified safety consultant periodically. All exterior doors are locked and alarmed. The only exit is through our main entrance, which operates by a height sensor to prevent any small children from opening the door without an adult present.

The interactive items and surfaces in the BFK are washed and disinfected. Every evening we clean the floors and restrooms. We steam clean our carpets and buff our floors as needed. There are Yuck Bags installed on the walls for adults to add toys that might have gone into kid’s mouths. The toys are disinfected before being added back to the exhibits. In addition, we provide hand sanitizer for your use in several areas.

If you happen to see something that needs attention, please let us know! We appreciate your help in keeping kids safe and healthy!

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