Jr. Explorer Camps

What are Jr. Explorer Camps?

Jr. Explorer Camps are 90-minute drop off camps where children will engage in learner-directed and guided play activities!

This is a great opportunity for young explorers to develop social and emotional skills while learning through play. This will help them prepare for a preschool or kindergarten setting.


Who can attend Jr. Explorer Camps?

Jr. Explorer Camps are designed for children who are 3 – 4 years old and are toilet independent.

When are Jr. Explorer Camps?

You can sign up for a month-long session with two camps per week on either Tuesdays and Thursdays or Wednesdays and Fridays!

Afternoon camps are available in April and May. Both afternoon and morning camps are available in June.

Typical Schedule

  • 20 minutes: Drop-off and learner-directed, supervised play in the museum’s exhibits
  • 5-10 minutes: Transition to use restrooms
  • 30-40 minutes: Guided Play Activity
  • 5-10 minutes: Transition
  • 20 minutes: Pick-up and learner-directed, supervised play in the museums exhibits

What do Jr. Explorer Camps cost?

Jr. Explorer Camp registration is by month and costs members $280/monthly camp and non-members $360/monthly camp!


  • April: Dig into Gardening!
    • Learn about seeds, plants, and how things grow
  • May: Hungry Caterpillars to Beautiful Butterflies!
    • Observe the life cycle of a butterfly and learn about foods that help our bodies grow
  • June: Dive into Summer!
    • Learn about the ocean and the creatures living there

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You can also learn more about each camp theme by clicking on them below.



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