Get Active – Have Fun!

Get Active – Have Fun!

We evaded winter weather as long as we could, but the blustery, snowy days are finally upon us! It’s also time to start working on those resolutions you were so committed to last week. Of course, we think the best way for you and your little ones to shake your sillies out is to come to The Building for Kids. But, we have some ideas for you to stay active and avoid cabin fever from your very own home!

Super Duper Hopscotch!

Put your masking or painter’s tape to work by making squares on the floor throughout your home. You can put the squares adjacent to one another like traditional hopscotch or further away for a greater challenge. Then, see if you and your kidlets can hop from one square to the next! Challenge one another; can you hop from square to square on one foot? Can you get all the way from here to the kitchen without stepping outside a square? Use your imagination! Are you frogs hopping from lily pad to lily pad? Are you scientists avoiding stepping in hot lava? You might find you’ve helped the afternoon fly by and worked up a light sweat at the same time!

Freeze Dance!

Don’t freeze outside, play a freeze dance game inside. Turn up your family’s favorite tunes and get moving! Show one another your best dance moves, you could even pull up some YouTube videos of different types of dancing and try them out. Then, once everyone’s warmed up, shut the music off and call “freeze!” Admire one another’s frozen-dancer statues. Who can stay frozen the longest? Who makes the silliest frozen-dancer face? Try making this a competition and let the last dancer standing choose the next song. Your Zumba instructor will definitely approve of this activity!

Laundry Basket Ball!

You might have a rule in your house about throwing balls, but I bet you won’t mind tossing around a rolled up sock or two! Pull out a laundry basket and see if your little one can make a free throw from a foot away. Then challenge one another by pulling the basket further from the line. If it gets too easy, try making the basket smaller by using a Cool Whip container or popcorn bowl instead. This can become a team activity if the whole family participates. For an added challenge and a little cardio, try setting a timer and seeing how many socks you and your kidlets can get in the basket in a minute!

Closet Clean-Out Relay Race!

At this point, you’re bound to have some too-big clothes lying around. Make two piles of shirts, skirts, pants, hats and more and challenge your little one to a relay race. Who will be the first to get all of the clothing on over their clothes and then off again? You might decide to hang on to those old clothes instead of donating them so you’re ready for the next time you play!

Volley Balloon!

Do you have a balloon hanging around from New Year’s Eve? Put it to use with a rousing game of Volley Balloon! Get everyone to circle up, then count each hit as you work together to keep the balloon floating in the air. Once it hits the ground, challenge your team to beat their record and keep it in the air ever longer. You’d be surprised how eager your little ones will be to try again, and how out of breath the bunch of you might be after playing for a half hour!

What ever activities you choose to do, we hope you do them together! Engage and encourage your little ones and exercise your bodies and minds by talking, reading and playing together!

by: Arielle Loy, Fine Arts Coordinator


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