The Lab, Sponsored by Amcor, Opens on Saturday, April 6!

The Lab, Sponsored by Amcor, Opens on Saturday, April 6!

Part of our mission at the Building for Kids is to inspire discovery. This takes many shapes throughout the museum from exploring how pulleys can change a ball’s path in Move It to what different foods taste like during one of our Food to Grow activities. Giving kids a safe, encouraging, and welcoming place to try new things is a critical component for their development. This is why we are excited to share that we will be opening The Lab, sponsored by Amcor, on April 6, 2024!

This new space is dedicated to creating hands-on experiences that build observational skills and inspire curiosity of the world around us. In The Lab, visitors will be able to experience the entire scientific method. Kids will have the opportunity to investigate various topics as they build skills around asking questions, thinking through problems, learning as they test their solutions, and sharing their findings.​

To help encourage STEM exploration for all ages, The Lab will host daily activities around a variety of quarterly themes that encourage inquiry, experimentation, and collaboration. Within its first year of opening, The Lab will explore the topics of Food Spoilage, Polymers, Recycling, and Robotics.

As part of the experience, kids will also learn more about what a lab is like by wearing proper protective equipment and using real-world tools and instruments for their scientific investigations. Scientists and engineers from our community will regularly host activities within The Lab to expose kids to different STEM fields and careers.

We’re looking forward to discovering with you and your family in The Lab soon!

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