Museum Learners + Topics

During a Museum Learners + Field Trip, students explore a topic of your choice through exploration of the museum’s exhibits and engagement with facilitated activities.

All of our topics are in line with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Academic Standards.

Check out some more details about our available topics below.

Coding & Robotics

  • Students will learn some binary codes basics and then use colors, lines, and patterns to design paths for tiny coding robots – Ozobots!

Elements of Art

  • Students will learn about the different elements of art as they search for a variety of artwork found around the museum. They will also get to apply the elements of art in the creation of a collaborative art piece in the museum’s art studio space.

Food to Grow

  • An immersive experience designed to utilize the museum’s exhibit, Food to Grow, which explores food systems, food choice, and the role of food in our bodies.

Forces & Simple Machines 🔬

  • Students will explore the concepts of force, work, and simple machines by experimenting with various exhibits as well as completing construction challenges with a Rigamajig building set.

Observations and Your Senses 🔬

  • Students will learn to observe the world around them by using their 5 senses. Their senses will be put to the test as they experiment with different tastes, smells, sights, sounds, and textures.

States of Matter 🔬

  • Students will learn about the structure, properties, and interactions of the three states of matter – solids, liquids, and gases. They will also learn about chemical reactions while conducting a fizzy experiment.

Workings of Weather 🔬

  • Students will learn about the various factors that impact weather, how if affects their daily lives, and how to use some of the tools that measure weather.

🔬: This experience includes an activity in The Lab applying the Scientific Method of Ask. Think. Learn. Share.

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