Museum Learners + Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips for Your ML+ Experience at Building for Kids:

Building for Kids is excited for your Museum Learners + experience! To help you prepare for your experience, we have put together a few helpful tips:

  1. Museum Learners + field trip experiences are designed to be learner-directed, with guidance from grown-ups. Students will work in groups to complete activity sheets that will lead them throughout the museum. These groups will be led by the teachers and chaperones present. We recommend group sizes of no more than 8 students to help you move through the museum. It may be helpful to have your student groups established prior to arrival.
  2. The entire Museum Learners + experience should be able to be completed within 90 minutes. This includes the orientation and the time spent completing the activity sheets.
  3. Part of learning is play! As groups complete the activity sheets, they are welcome and encouraged to play along the way.

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