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Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Programs 

Scout Nights 4 pm – 5:30 pm

Please call 920-734-3226 to confirm availability and make your reservation or fill out our online registration form by clicking here.


Join us for a Scout night to earn badges! Workshops are booked on a first come, first serve basis. The first group booked on any given day will choose the workshop for that date. Workshops must have at least 10 participants registered two weeks before the workshop date, or the workshop will be canceled.

Workshops do not include actual badge patches.

All workshops are $15 per participant and include a BFK admission pass to be used at a later date.

Grant funds

Through Q1 2020, we have grant funds available to scouts in the Appleton Area School District! This grant is made possible by a generous gift from the Dianne Catlin Lang Fund within the Appleton Education Foundation. Grant funds are determined from the free and reduced lunch rate at your school in AASD. Please ask when you make a reservation if funds might be available!


Clover (A Visit to the Busy, Buzzy Bees)

  • Learn with Clover on how to use resources wisely.
  • Discover ways all Daisies can practice being resourceful.
  • Create a collage out of recycled materials.

Sunny (A Warm Welcome for Suzy)

  • Hear how Sunny the sunflower is friendly and helpful to those who are new to the garden.
  • Practice being friendly and helpful just like Sunny.
  • (As a troop) create a mural of Sunny and her friends.

Vi (Friends Around the World)

  • Hear about Vi the violet and her friends from all over the world.
  • Practice being a sister to every Girl Scout around the world.
  • (As a troop) create a mural of girls from around the world.


Fling Flyer Design Challenge

  • Discover how gravity, force, thrust, and lift allow objects to fly in the air.
  • Investigate how design, creation and experimentation affects flight.
  • Test and fine-tune your design.

Leap Bot Design Challenge

  • Learn about engineering, gravity, and force.
  • Build, experiment with design, and record the Leap Bots results.
  • Test and fine-tune your design.


Girl Scout Reservations

Who can participate

Any Girl Scout in a Daisy or Brownie Troop can participate. Individual scouts or entire troops can make reservations.

Chaperone requirement

1 adult chaperone must be present for every 1 to 6 children per reservation. Workshop chaperones are free. Children must be accompanied by their chaperone at all times.


The fee listed for each program is per child. Any extra kids, such as siblings, will be counted as participants and are subject to the program fee.

Limited spots available

Reservations are not complete until the BFK receives payment and you receive a confirmation letter.

Deposit & payment

Payment in full is appreciated at the time of booking. It is due two weeks before the program.

Cancellation & refund

Refunds are only available up to 14 days before the date of the program. Due to prep and supply purchasing, we don’t refund reservations canceled 14 days or less before program date. If the BFK needs to cancel, we will give as much notice as possible and will issue a refund.

To make your reservation, call 920-734-3226 x10 or email.

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