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Summer Learning Series

Outdoor Discovery Play

This summer, the BFK will host Outdoor Discovery Play in local Appleton parks. Programs will focus on STEM and Art learning objectives.

These programs are free, but registration is required. Registration will be limited to 40 people per class.

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June 15: 10 – 11 am in Houdini Plaza – Soapy Bubbles Sensory Play

June 22: 2 – 3 pm in Jones Park – Bubble Lab: Bubble Wands

June 29: 10 – 11 am in City Park – Hopscotch Chalk Creations

July 6: 2 – 3 pm in Erb Park – Nature Boxes

July 13: 10 – 11 am in Houdini Plaza – Hopscotch Chalk Creations

July 20: 2 – 3 pm in Jones Park – Soapy Bubbles Sensory Play

July 27: 10 – 11 am in City Park – Nature Boxes

August 3: 2 – 3 pm in Erb Park – Bubble Lab: Bubble Wands


Soapy Bubble Sensory Play

  • Experiment with different tools that make more bubbles and have some good clean fun!

Bubble Lab: Bubble Wands

  • Experiment with different objects to blow bubbles. Then design and build your own bubble wand!

Hopscotch Chalk Creations

  • Design some chalk creations and join in a game of hopscotch, all while using math concepts to create one of a kind chalk art!

Nature Boxes

  • Come decorate a nature box and then we’ll take a hike to see what kind of natural treasures we can find.


Roaming Ruckus: A True Play Program

Join the Building for Kids and the Appleton Public Library for a True Play Program developed in partnership with Anji Play educators and based on the 5 pillars of Anji Play: Love, Risk, Joy, Engagement and Reflection. Participants will meet outdoors for a period of child directed play using open ended materials. At the end of their time, children are encouraged to create a “Play Story” and share their reflections on their play. These sessions will take place at various parks throughout Appleton.

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June 10th 10-12am in Arbutus Park

June 17th 1-3pm in Linwood Park

June 26th 10-12am & 1-3pm in Kiwanis Park

July 8th 10-12am in Pierce Park

July 15th – 1-3 pm in Arbutus Park

July 22th 10-12am in Linwood Park

July 29th 1-3pm in Kiwanis Park

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