Homeschool Exploration Days

Homeschool Exploration Day

Wednesday, November 13 – Registration is now closed.

$5 per student (kids under 1 year-old are free)

Plan your field trip for self-exploration, or add a Discovery Class to enhance the experience! Registration closes on November 8.

Discovery Classes: $3

A minimum of 10 students need to be registered for the classes to be offered.

9:30 am – Art of Collage (recommended for grades K-3)

We’ll look at different storybook artists and the ways they use collage to help tell their stories. After students look at examples, they will create their own masterpiece!

Objectives:  Students will…

  • Be introduced to children’s authors/illustrators and how they use collage in their books.
  • Learn about the different types of media used in collage.
  • Create a collage using the techniques learned in class.

10:30 am – What’s the Weather (recommended for grades K-3)

Through different weather stations, students will discover how weather affects their everyday lives and how different factors create weather. They will create a wind streamer, make a cloud in a jar and build a small structure to reduce sun exposure for a small toy animal.

Objectives: Students will learn…

  • Weather is a combination of many factors that affect our daily lives and throughout the year.
  • Meteorologists use different tools to collect weather data. Students will use or make models of some of these tools.
  • How the Sun affects different areas of the Earth’s surface. Students will read a thermometer to take the temperature of sand, soil and water.
  • About the conditions needed for clouds to form and characteristics of the major types of clouds.


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