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BFK Field Trips

We are currently offering Virtual Discovery Classes! In response to guidance from our local public health officials, we are not offering in-person field trips at this time.

Virtual Discovery Class

Our Virtual Discovery Classes provide every student with a kit that includes all of the instructions and materials for the enclosed hands-on activities, as well as access to supplemental instruction videos.

What’s the Weather?

This virtual class includes supplies for every student to complete four different weather activities as well as learn about weather concepts such as wind, how to measure weather, the seasons, types of cloud, and what it means to be an engineer. The activities in this kit include:

  • Make a Wind Streamer
  • Create a Seasonal Weather Booklet
  • Cloud Art
  • Build a Shade Structure

As always, the activities, videos, and educational content all cover Wisconsin’s Standards for Science.


NGSS: K-PS3-1, K-PS3-2, K-ESS2-1, ESS2.D.

WI Standards for Science (DCI): SCI.ESS2.D.K, SCI.PS3.D.K

Magnificent Matter

This virtual class includes enough supplies for every student to complete four different activities focusing on the different states of matter and polymers as well as learning about how the states of matter behave and interact and the different types of polymers and colloids.  The activities in the kit include:

  • Canister Rockets
  • Polymer Putty
  • Oobleck in a Bag
  • Plastic is a Polymer

As always, the activities, videos, and educational content all cover Wisconsin’s Standards for Science.


NGSS (DCI): 2-PS1: Matter and its Interactions; 2-PS1-1

WI Standards for Science (DCI): SCI.PS1.A.2, SCI.PS1.A.5, SCI.PS1.B.5

I liked that the video lessons and the prep was done. This year has been HARD. Having something I could easily assign that had value and the kids enjoyed was fantastic.

Teacher, Appleton Area School District

BFK Activity Kits for Schools

We also have a limited supply of additional BFK Activity Kits available for schools to purchase. These kits focus on various themes such as music, the human body, and health all while encouraging hands-on engagement and supporting learning targets. Each kit also has a curated playlist of videos that complement the activities.

Music Makers Activity Kit

This kit has four different music activities that cover concepts such as rhythm and keeping a beat, vibrations and sound, making music and practicing fine motor skills. The activities in the kit include:

  • Hodge Podge Band
  • Cup Telephone
  • Popsicle Stick Harmonica
  • Clacking Castanets

Human Body Activity Kit

This kit has four different activities about the human body and covers concepts such as reducing stress, how our lungs work, x-rays and different parts of your body. The activities in the kit include:

  • Portable Hug
  • Human Lung Model
  • Q-tip X-ray Art
  • Body Part Dice

Healthy Kids Activity Kit

This kit has seven different activities focusing on how to be a healthy kid and covers concepts such healthy eating, feelings, your 5 senses, movement and reducing stress. Activities in the kit include:

  • Healthcare Professional Pretend Play
  • Gratitude Tree
  • Sensory Bag Play
  • My Healthy Plate
  • Feelings Wheel
  • Get UP & Move Math
  • Senses Scavenger Hunt

Additional Information

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